Text Adapter

Imixs-Office-Workflow supports various text adapters to be used to adapt static text with processing information during the processing-life cycle. This functionality is based on the Imixs-Workflow Text Adapter technology.

Username Text Adapter

The Username-Text-Adapter provides a mechanism to translate a userid with the corresponding user name. To use this feature, it is sufficient to embed a UserID information in the XML tag <username>....<username> . See the following example:

Request was created by <username>$creator</username>.

This will replace the value of the item $creator with the corresponding user display name.

You can use this text adapter in various situations like E-Mail templates, History entries or business rules.

The Country Code Adapter

The CountryCodeAdapter can be used to replace country codes with the international country name. See the following example:

The company is based in<countryname>company.countrycode</countryname>}

This will replace a company.countrycode = DE into Germany.

Optional a locale can be provided to specify the target language. The following example with translate the country code ‘DE’ into ‘Deutschland’.

<countryname locale="de_DE">company.country</countryname>

The WorkitemRef Adapter

WorkitemRefAdapter replaces item values embedded into the tag <workitemref>..</workitemref> with the item value from the corresponding workitem. The the following example:

Plant ID : <workitemref>plant.id</workitemref>

This example will replace the tag with the plant ID of a referred workitem. See also the section Workitem Linking for more information how to link workitems.

A Workitem can hold multiple referenced to different sub processes. You can use an optional filter attriubte to define search filter for a specific linked process instance. The following example will refere to the subprocess with the workflowgroup Plant.

Plant ID : <workitemref filter="($workflowgroup:Plant)">plant.id</workitemref>.