Users & Teams

Imixs-Office-Workflow includes a User and Organization management to organize users in different teams with different responsibilities. This allows you to model more complex human-centic workflows.

In the following sections you will learn more about the user and organization management within Imixs-Office-Workflow.


Every user interacting with Imxis-Office-Workflow is defined in a User-Profile. User-Profiles are created and managed automatically when a user is first logged into the system. As an Administrator you can define user profiles with userIDs and passwords or you can receive this information form an existing directly like a LDAP Directory or a Single-Sign-On System.

Read more about this topic in the section User-Profiles.

Organization Units

Imxis-Office-Workflow splits up Teams and Responsibilities in Organization layer which gives you a maximum in flexibility to organizes your teams.

Read more about this topic in the section Organization Units.