You can run Imixs-Office-Workflow for development with Minikube. This is an easy way to full simulate a Kuberentes Cluster locally.

After you have followed the Install Guide for Minikube you can start minikube on your machine:

$ minikube start

With the commandline tool kubectl you can now deploy the dev version of Imixs-Office-Workflow into minikube:

$ kubectl deploy kubernetes/minikube/

You can check the deployment status with:

$ kubectl get pods

We recommend the k9s tool to check you minikube cluster and your deployments.


To access the deployed instance of Imixs-Office-Workflow running within your minikube cluster see documentation Accessing apps.

We recommend to run a minikube tunnel. First check the service IP of your deployments:

$ kubectl get services
NAME                    TYPE           CLUSTER-IP     EXTERNAL-IP    PORT(S)                         AGE
db                      ClusterIP      None           <none>         5432/TCP                        82s
imixs-office-workflow   LoadBalancer   8080:30482/TCP,9990:32303/TCP   82s
kubernetes              ClusterIP      <none>         443/TCP                         13h

Now you can start a tunnel with will expose all ports of services of type LoadBalancer

$ minikube tunnel

Open in your browser: