Country Codes

The Imixs-Office-Worklfow provides the CDI bean ‘CountryController’. This bean contains methods to display a selection of all countries and also includes a text adater feature to convert a country code into a country display name. The bean uses the Java Locale util class to compute all countries.

How to Integrate

To integrate a select box with all countries in JSF you can use the following example:

<h:selectOneMenu required="#{required}" value="#{workitem.item['']}">
	<f:selectItem itemLabel=""></f:selectItem>
	<f:selectItems value="#{countryController.getCountriesSelectItems()}"></f:selectItems>

You can also use the form part pages/workitems/parts/country.xhtml

 <item name="" type="custom"  path="country" required="true"   label="Membership Country:" />

Country Name Text Adapter

The country component typically stores only the ISO country code in a workitem (2 letters). To display the country name you can use the integrated text adapter feature:

<countryname locale="de_DE"></countryname>