Form Input Parts

Within a Imixs-Office-Workflow Form Definition you can define different type of input parts within a imixs-form-section:

<imixs-form-section label="Controlling">
	<item name="name" type="text"
	      label="Name" />
	<item name="description" type="textarea"
	      label="Short Description" />

Input Parts

The various input item definitions are called ‘input parts’:

Text Input

<item name="description" type="text"
        label="Topic" />

Textarea Input

<item name="description" type="textarea"
        label="Description" />

HTML/RichText Input

<item name="description" type="html"
        label="Description" />

Date Input

<item name="" type="date"
        label="Date" />

Currency Input

<item name="invoice.amount" type="currency"
        label="Amount" />

Select Boxes

You can also create different type of select boxes with predefined values:

 <item name="invoice.currency" type="selectOneMenu" 
	options="EUR;CHF;SEK;NOK;GBP;USD" />

You can choose one of the following types for select boxes:

  • selectOneMenu - a dropdown menu
  • selectBooleanCheckbox - a single checkbox
  • selectManyCheckbox - a list of checkboxes (layout=line direction)
  • selectOneRadio - radio buttons (layout=line direction)

selectManyCheckbox and selectOneRadio are displayed in line direction per default. If you want to display them in page direction use:

  • selectManyCheckboxPageDirection - a list of checkboxes (layout=page direction)
  • selectOneRadioPageDirection - radio buttons (layout=page direction)

You can also add a mapping of the name displayed in the select box and an optional value by using the ‘|’ char:

<item name"myfield" type="selectOneMenu" required="true" label="Your Choice"
  options="|Option A;management.backoffice|Option B" />

User Input

The user input can be used to edit a single user name. The part provides a lookup feature for profile names

<item name="user" 
      label="User:" />

User-List Input

The User-List-Input alowes to enter a list of user names. The part provides a lookup feature for profile names

<item name="userlist" 
      label="User:" />

Workitem Linking

Imixs-Office-Workflow provides a way to link workitems together:

<item name="project.ref" 
      label="Project:" />

With the options tag you can specify the search filter to lookup for workitems.